T CECIL - This Feels Far Enough

release date: coming soon

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artist information

labels self-released

genre art rock

hometown Houston, TX

influences Grizzly Bear, Daniel Rossen, Cake, Dr. Dog, Yellow Ostrich

sounds like Palm, Tropical Fuck Storm, Black Midi, Mothers


Jan. 2019 - Art & Life with David Loftin (Voyage Houston)

Sept. 2017 - T Cecil live on Other Side Drive (KTSW San Marcos)

May 2017 - Studio C performance (KTSW San Marcos)



T Cecil is a loud, eclectic, unholy, art rock band from Houston, TX. The members include David Loftin, Cody Boyer, Alex J. Ross, and Shannon Furr.

In 2016, Loftin began recording many of the songs that would become T Cecil, the band's self-titled debut album. Loftin, Ross, and Boyer also performed live with early iterations of their songs in San Marcos and Houston.

Joining up with other members, Loftin pushed forward his vision for the band, creating a new sound and playing around Texas.

In 2018, the band took a step back from live shows to work on their second album, This Feels Far Enough, set to be released in 2019.


by Colton Matocha


press contact: Tara Pohlmeyer | tcecilmusic@gmail.com | 956.642.7481